classic mixed drinks

Amaretto Stone Sour 3.50

bloody mary

Mini Mary, Medium Mary and the Dirty’s Big Mary – coming in January.

Mini mary  ($5) comes with celery salt rim, Celery, cheese, Beef stick, olives, lemon and lime garnish.

Medium Mary ($10) served in a pint glass comes with a Wing and a mozzarella stick, lemon, limes, and olives.

The Dirty’s Big Mary ($20) comes with Absolut Peppar, celery Salt Rim, a Full Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Olives, Cheese, Bacon and an egg, a Beef Stick, Celery, olives, lemons, and limes in a fishbowl.

Irish cream & Coffee 5

Frozen Daiquiri 7

Manhattan 8

margarita 3.00 every day

Traditional lime on the rocks with a salted rim 6 oz

Mimosa 4

Moscow Mule 5

Old Fashioned 8

Pina Colada 7

Sex on the Beach 5

Tequila Sunrise 5

white russian 6

*Have a favorite brand? Ask your server and we can substitute it! (may incur additional charge)